Powerfully Improve your Flexibility with The Ultimate Flexibility Program


-Improve your Quality of Life
-Move again without the stiffness and feeling stuck
-Improve your Golf Game, Your Tennis Game
-Keep doing the Activities you Love....Only Better!
-Believe in your body again and how well it can work when given the right tools
-Feel GREAT!

Losing Flexibility Is Not Your Destiny!

As long as you have the ultimate tools in place - and that is NOT conventional Stretching

Flexibility is probably the most poorly understood concepts in fitness, yet the most important. It is something we all know if lost has critical and painful implications. 

Resistance Flexibility or Resistance Stretching is the ultimate plan to regain flexibility, joint stability and quality of movement once thought lost forever.

Improve your everyday activities.

Working one on one with Master Resistance Flexibility Expert Susan Bianchi will help you restore, regain and enhance your physical health, movement and well-being.  Together you will work on unraveling problem areas, unlocking the potential inside your body! 

For those who know there is a better way and want the most in their health 

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Ki-Hara Assisted Stretching