KI-Movement Series

Using Groundbreaking flexibility work, primal movement & energizing flow, unlock and unleash your full movement potential.

This innovative series is the ONLY ONE of its kind! Be on the Cutting Edge!  

6 Week Series only at Studio Fitness 

Challenge your Mobility, Agility and Flexibilty

Move better to train better

Energize your body systems

Improve athletic performance and human performance

Explore and Expand your True movement potential 

Stop feeling STIFF and STUCK

Challenge your believed limitations and learn new methods


The Series Starts:

Tuesdays at 7:00 am beginning February 21, 2017  OR

Thursdays at 6:00 pm beginning February 23, 2017

Register by February 9:  $120 for Non Members and $100 for Studio Fitness Members

Video Recording will be available for those not in the Lehigh Valley- pricing for video class will be coming shortly

contact us for details

All Profits from this series will be DONATED to Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley- A non profit working to end domestic Violence


Non Member:  



Studio Fitness Member:









For information Contact Us




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