Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching

What is Ki-Hara?

Ki-Hara is helping create Optimal Flow of Movement and Energy

Whether it is recovering from a chronic or acute injury, enhancing performance, or improving your well-being, we help you reach your goals. It is not merely enough to have length in a muscle, but also strength throughout the range. THAT is what Ki-Hara does. 

It is a balanced, Whole body, integrated approach to well-being and creates lasting change inside and out.

    • creates lasting gains in flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity

    • improves mobility, agility, flexibility

    • scientifically backed eccentric strength program

    • improves performance and recovery

    • creates more powerful, explosive, and core stable movements

    • realigns the body to improve posture

    • removes chronic joint stress, painful muscle tension and injuries

    • prevents injury from overstretching

    • targets specific areas of existing or potential injury

    • Addresses feeling stuck and stiff in your body  

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is a comprehensive and innovative approach to flexibility training.

By contracting the muscle as it is lengthened, tension and torque is taken out of the muscles and joints. The results are more powerful, explosive and core stable movements, protection from overstretching, effectively addressing muscle imbalances which are at the root of most injuries. 

Ki-Hara is utilized in one on one sessions, as well as with elite and professional athletes.

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching offers Certification Programs for those wishing to incorporate these methods into their practices.



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Ki (Qi) = Circulating Life Force Energy

Hara  =  Center Axis, Core, Where Ki/Qi Energy is cultivated and stored and circulated through the body