Individual Training- One on One

Individualized to address your unique body’s needs and goals

Ki-Hara Assisted Stretching provides the most comprehensive, individualized and advanced flexibility training, addressing muscle imbalances, range of motion and strength through rotational eccentric and concentric movements.  It is unparalleled in its ability to unlock the body yet optimize it’s ability to maintain and improve strength.

In a session you will be working, using your own body’s resistance, contracting muscles as we manually lengthen them in various kinematic muscle patterns specific to you. The flexibility training involves an individualized approach to assess and evaluate your unique body. During the session your body is worked through all planes of movement, optimizing alignment, strength and range of motion. The session provides a total body workout of strength, flexibility and core stabilization.  After a session, you will have worked your body, yet feel refreshed, balanced, and energized as movement feels more fluid, grounded, effortless and powerful. 

Sessions range from 60-90 minutes in length 

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Primary Locations include: Studio Fitness, Bethlehem, PA and  Lift Gym, New York City




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